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How To Help

When you become a member of the Catalina Island Foundation (CIF), you are helping to improve this special island community in the most critical of ways. An annual donation of at least $1,000 makes you a CIF Voting Member for that year, giving you the right to help decide which causes CIF should support. Half of your gift will be used for calendar-year grants while the other half will go into a permanent endowment to sustain future programs. Each and every member will help make this effort succeed.


CIF also welcomes all one-time gifts and invites you to please consider such an act of generosity and goodwill. In addition to cash, donations of such things as appreciated assets are equally helpful. Whether in memory of a special holiday, to honor a family member, or for any other reason, all contributions will be received with gratitude and will be put to good use in supporting worthy island entities.

In addition, CIF offers its supporters the ability to establish a donor-advised fund under the auspices of The San Diego Foundation. Within certain limits, such an arrangement allows the donor to direct how the proceeds from their fund will be distributed. For those looking to be more directly involved in the decision-making process or create a multigenerational legacy of informed giving, this can be a highly effective structure.

For more information concerning donor-advised funds, please contact anyone on the Charitable Giving Team at The San Diego Foundation at (619) 235-2300 or

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